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Hi there!


I’m Jaci.


I want to create and capture moments that move couples in an honest, intimate, and natural way.

I split my time between the ocean on the Oregon Coast and the mountains of Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana. I photograph elopements, intimate weddings, and couples in every stage of their relationship. It’s so important for me to connect and build relationships with my couples so I’m able to create a space that they can be completely themselves in front of the camera.

Photos by: Elsa Eileen Photography

Photos by: Elsa Eileen Photography


The real life

Photos by: Cassandra Michelle Photography

Photos by: Cassandra Michelle Photography


who am i …

My name is “Jackie” but at one point in time I thought Jaci was the best way to spell it, I’ll also respond to “Jay-quellin” if you roll like that. First thing you should know about me, I fucking love my crazy life. I’m a stereotypical millennial mom to three kids and a pup. I’m inspired by music and travel and live in hats because I never wash my hair enough. I’m clumsy as shit, the queen of accidental sexual innuendos, and cuss in a way that brings shame to me as a mother of small children. I binge watch like ALL. THE. SHOWS. and have been trying to eat low carb for years and always end up with a bottle of wine and a plate of spaghetti.

That photo you see above, those are my people. Jonathan, Henry, Emmett and Evelyn (twins), and not pictured is our new pup Kyle. They are EVERYTHING. Jon and I have been married 13 years this August; we met at church camp when I was in the 6th grade and he wasn’t cute yet. We dated long distance for years, riding the Greyhound back and forth from Montana to Wyoming. Greyhound buses are nasty things, this was love. We aren’t the best parents in the world but we fucking love these three kids (Jon’s still deciding his feelings for Kyle). Without sounding like a walking cliche, these people changed my whole perspective on life and what’s truly important. We’ve built a life centered on time together, adventuring, learning, and experiencing as much of the world as possible.

I was raised in Whitefish, Montana in the house that my great grandparents built in the early 1900s. Our kids our the 5th generation to be raised in this house, and that’s pretty damn special. We absolutely love living in Montana and exploring in the mountains, but over the last few years we have become deeply attached to the Oregon Coast and the friendships we’ve built there. We travel to the coast at least every other month, and have a dream to someday get a piece of land and build a yurt out there.


If you survived all that and still want to follow along with our mundane parent life and the family adventures click on any photo below to check out our fam Intsta page.


what to expect from me

Photos by: Dawn Photo

Photos by: Dawn Photo


how i work.

I am not just a vendor. I’m not someone you hire, that shows up for the job then goes on my merry way. We will be friends. I will be invested in you and in your relationship. I will hug you (like so SO awkwardly), then I’ll get all up in your personal shit and tell you way too many of my own life stories. We will drink and hang out, I’ll shoot and get uncomfortably inside your safety space. Aaaaand at some point I will probably trip and fall #clumsyasshit . It’ll be the fucking best and I will love you forever and ever.


Things to note:

When I shoot I am wholeheartedly focused on connection and emotion. While I will definitely get a couple big smiley faced photos to hang on grandma’s fridge, if you’re looking for an entire gallery of “smile at the camera” photos then I’m not your woman.

If you’re worried you’re the “what do I do with my hands???” person, don’t worry, I gotch you boo!! I’ll give you all the direction you’ll need to completely forget about “posing” and just have fun.


You guys, relationships are HARD! So mother-effing hard! The greatest reason I am inherently drawn to shoot couples is because I truly believe that the foundation of marriage and relationships in your life are SO important. To me, creating an experience for the two of you to connect and grow closer to each other is just as essential and crucial to the images we create. I never want a couple to come to me with heels dug in to endure a “photo shoot.” I encourage you to think of your session as a date, a chance to forget all of life’s drama for a bit and focus on each other and what brought you together in the first place.


these images are your legacy; your story to be told to the ones you love over years to come.

I want to capture moments that move you as much in 60 years from now as they do today.


Stories from the vigil family journal


Client raves



Mackenzie +Logan

We had one of the best, most comfortable photo shoots with Jaci. I love the candid photos and having music and space to just laugh and play, giving us the most sincere pictures! They are my favorite pictures, they are the type of pictures that capture true feelings! Jaci was so amazing, fun, and didn’t try to stage a picture, She just captured what she saw! The turn around time was so appreciated and I swear my heart stopped when I looked through them! Thanks so much to Jaci for being so Talented and giving us a beautiful moment in time, forever captured in a photo!!
— Mackenzie + Logan

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