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Bae took all these photos of me. I think that's hot. 

Bae took all these photos of me. I think that's hot. 

Hi there!

Ok y'all, talking about myself is definitely WAY up there on the list of things that make me super uncomfortable, BUT I'm hoping you'll tell me a little more about yourself, so in all fairness here is what you should know about me!

I'm Jaci, ('Jackie' for those of you who just read that as 'Jacie') This photo right here, this is me; ripped jeans, hat hiding my messy hair, camp blanket, hammocks, and Birkenstocks for life! About the only time I'm more put together than this is when I'm at a wedding.  I am a Hallmark movie watching hopeless romantic, professional third wheel, and traveling photographer based out of Whitefish, Montana. Whenever I can get away from my computer I'm off hiking through the outrageously beautiful Glacier National Park, or going on old school family road trips with kids. I have three freaking amazing kids (all under the age of 5!). They're super smart, and cute, and love Jesus, SO I feel like I'm doing an alright job raising them. I've been married 12 years to this awesome guy I met at church camp in the 6th grade. He's cool and thinks I'm hot. He's also got some mad camera skills and sometimes shows up at weddings with me.


I have been passionate about taking photos since I was a kid watching my Dad explore the California national parks capturing the landscape on film. When it came to starting my own business, believe it or not, I was inspired to start shooting couples after reading a steamy romance novel. HAHA I'll just leave it at that, feel free to ask me about it!  I'm not great at keeping things super "professional" and I probably cuss too much (but def not at your wedding!) I'm all about being REAL. Ready to be best friends???? I truly want to know YOU, your love story, the shows you binge on, and all the weird stuff you're into!  Come say HEY or STALK me on The Gram!

Things you should def know about me.....

  • I'm super sarcastic. Can't help it (I don't try to).
  • My love languages come in the form of coffee, wine, grapefruit La Croix, and bacon.
  • You can't tell from these photos but I'm actually a licensed hair stylist in the state of Kansas!
  • I'm the most awkward hugger, especially if I'm not prepared for it!
  • Also, if you book me, I WILL fall at some point during your shoot. I'm ridiculously clumsy and can't seem to fix it.

K. That's all. BYEEEEEEEEEE!

 Emmett // Evelyn // Henry  Summer 2017

 Emmett // Evelyn // Henry

Summer 2017

Emmett // Henry // Evelyn  Christmas 2016

Emmett // Henry // Evelyn

Christmas 2016